Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Do Not Disturb ..Right to Privacy

It is just  abunch of links gathered from various site.

Who is going to register at 43 places for not getting a call. Might as well wait for a call and say no rather than fill out ur details 50 times.

Moverover there is no guarantee you wouldn’t get any call from any other bank/organization.Surprised


Banks and Credit Card Companies - Do Not Disturb / Call Registration Forms

ABN Amro India

American Express India

Andhra Bank

Bank of Rajasthan

Bank of Baroda BobCard

Bank of India

Canara Bank and CanCard

Centurion Bank of Punjab

Citibank India 


HSBC India


ING Vysya Bank

SBI Credit Card

Standard Chartered Bank

UTI Bank and Credit Card

Yes Bank

Mobile and Telecom Companies - Do Not Call / Disturb Registration Forms

Bharti Airtel

BPL Mobile


Idea Cellular

MTNL Delhi

MTNL Mumbai

Reliance Mobile

Tata Indicom Mobile

Spice Telecom Punjab

Spice Telecom Karnataka

Aircel Chennai

Aircel - Tamilnadu

Life and General Insurance Companies - Do Not Call / Disturb Registration

Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance

Bajaj Allianz General Insurance

Birla Sun Life Insurance

Cholamandalam Insurance

HDFC Chubb General Insurance

HDFC Standard Life Insurance

ICICI Prudential Life Insurance

ICICI Lombard Insurance

ING Vysya Life Insurance

Kotak Old Mutual Life Insurance

Max New York Life Insurance

MetLife Insurance India

Tata AIG Life Insurance

Royal Sundaram Alliance Insurance

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Wednesday, 8 August 2007

TATA Indicom New coverage Claims - Poor Mobile Network Syndrome

Now a days when you pass on a road you see many advertisements that say that Tata Indicom has really improved network connections and we should switch to TATA Indicom as we are not getting good network coverage on the other GSM mobiles!!

Wow!! That's really great.Party Some told me that TATA Indicom is giving unlimited free calls on their plans, so I thought to go and ask if some one is using TATA Indicom mobile and know how is the network coverage. The problem was only that the I can find any one in my office or friend circle using TATA Indicom.Surprised

TATA Indicom:

"It uses spread spectrum technology, same technology used by military communications systems worldwide for years. CDMA technology - the one that has been adopted & offered by Tata Indicom , was first used during World War II by the English allies to foil German attempts at jamming transmissions & promises a much better information security"

Looks like CDMA technology saved the planet earth. WOW Rolling on the floor


Difference between CDMA and GSM handsets

CDMA: stands for Code Division Multiple Access. Both data and voice are separated from signals using codes and then transmited using a wide frequency range. Because of this, there are more space left for data transfer (this was one of the reasons why CDMA is the prefered technology for the 3G generation, which is broadband access and the use of big multimedia messages). 14% of the worldwide market goes to CDMA. For the 3G generation CDMA uses 1x EV-DO and EV-DV. It has a lot of users in Asia, specially in South Korea.

GSM: stands for Global System Mobile. Even though it is sold as "the latest technology" in several countries, this technology is older than CDMA (and also TDMA). But keep in mind that this doesn't mean that GSM is inferior or worse than CDMA. Roaming readiness and fraud prevention are two major advantages from this technology. GSM is the most used cell phone technology in the world, with 73% of the worldwide market. It has a very strong presence in Europe.

I don't know about the mobile but some of my friends have TATA Indicom, but I swear 70% of the time the connection is not up. I get a voice, The TATA Indicom number is not reachable Angry

The LG handset is 14 months old and is near to the window on the street. But when my friend has to talk he has to take the phone out from his house to catch signals. I wonder how Indicom can work in elevators, basements and tunnels. Is there any monitoring body to validate these claims!!

If some one is experiencing good network coverage or some improvement in TATA, just share it among us...

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Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Reliance WiMax (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) connectivity in Bangalore Sucks, planning to launch this technology in Pune

“Unlike wireless fidelity (wi-fi), where radio waves can cover up to 30 meters, WiMax services are accessible for over 10 miles in theory. WiMax is offering better mobility to the users without being connected by a wire to a service operator. Indian wireless market, which is growing rapidly by 40%, is expected to react positively to the new technology,” said an industry expert.

The move that targets the three million wireless internet users in the country is expected to give first-mover advantage to the company.

Bharti Airtel, VSNL and BSNL have also tested the new technology and planning to roll out in the near future.
WiMax (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access)
has been launched by Aircel Cellular in Chennai for business customers.

Reliance WiMax service in Bangalore has been extremely poor as reliance lacks the skill to resolve customer issues.

My friends in my office has reliance WiMax connection as Reliance is first targeting the co-operate customers first by giving discounts. There is no issue for the co-operate customers to collect bills and they have computers to use that and also a desperate need to have Internet on home.

I went to Reliance Web World and they told to me that they don’t have any information on WiMax and they will sell only Netconnect cards only. There is no information on Reliance Website of WiMax.

There are also reports that reliance is putting Microwave Antenna for the reception in consumer’s home. I really have doubts about that.

The customer care is really deaf and dump. The customer service is very poor. Whenever you contact them they will give you a Service request number, but no action will be taken as there are only few people(Third Party) who are taking care of WiMax connection. They are interested only in providing new connections and they are not interested in trouble shooting your problems.

As this is a new technology and also complex; Reliance lacks engineers to look into your issue. My friend called reliance customer care as he was not able to connect to the Internet and they changed the antenna direction. The issue was solved at that point but still cropped in.

The user should be given a good service and Government and TRAI should intervene if the service is not given properly.

The connection is quite erratic, at times it works quite smoothly but at times it just doesn't get a IP for hours together. Try calling up the helpdesk but as all most of us here have experienced they are crap.Crying

People are waiting to get the connection from almost a month. After one month Reliance engineers will declare your area as non-feasible. And instead of returning the cheque they submit the cheque in Bank. No you have to fight to get my money back.

Now Reliance is targeting Pune IT people to rollout this service. My friends in Bangalore, mostly all of whom has WiMax are now opting to disconnect the plans as reliance is very fast in encashing your payment from your account but equally slow in giving returns to us. So if some one in Pune is wants to use WiMax, then better take it on own risk or read about Reliance Service on the Internet.

The technology may be good but its clearly visible that Reliance service is really poor and expensive.

If some company is not giving proper service, what can be done from us and from the TRAI and do you have any experience with Reliance Wimax

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Saturday, 14 July 2007

Reliance - Nokia Mobile Phones

My friend just bought a Nokia 1255 Handset. He was earlier using a LG handset whose battery is not available at LG service center.

He wanted to retain the old number and change the handset (which is possible in GSM in 1 minute after changing the card), he was not able to do that.

Now he is paying his postpaid bills to reliance and the services are not running. Handset dealer refused to take back the handset saying it's problem with reliance.Sarcastic

I wont say how bad reliance customer care is since we know it. So Alert/Advice for you:

Don't waste your money, time & patience on Nokia Reliance handsets.

Now the Nokia Reliance handsets are only for new connections as per Reliance web world representatives.

Reliance web world people have knowledge of it, still reliance is selling Nokia handsets and no such thing is mentioned on reliance website!!Surprised

Did any of us also had the same problem or any problem while changing CDMA handsets?

Also how is the response of new classic handsets and land lines?

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Online Customer Empowerment Center by Indian Government

I was looking for Online Government customer redressal forums and luckily came around this one. Striaght Face

CORE : Customer online resource and Empowerment Center

This is funded and supported by Ministry of Consumer Affairs and came into existence in 2005.

Here are the Aims & Objectives of CORE:

  • Online Complaint Registration and Mediation Mechanism primarily with an aim towards faster resolution of complaints by providing a bridge between the consumer and the provider of product or service
  • Reducing the burden of Courts by way of mediation mechanism
  • Creation of a National Resource Centre in order to provide a data bank to the policy makers apart from facilitating research
  • Creation of Online Database and Portal to provide the various interested groups, assimilated data on developments in the field which would also significantly reduce the learning curve of consumers, activists and professionals working in the field

You can register a complaint online.

Let us know if some one has used CORE and what was there experience or if some one knows about another consumer redressal site, please share with all of us..



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Reliance Netconnect - No Connection only TENSION

I had to regularly visit web world every weekend because my prepaid connection is not working due to handset change error (this is another post, so I will mail the whole story later when it completes), so I have got a chance to meet the reliance netconnect customers over there.

Man, I really pity on them. I met a girl who saw a advertisement in the newspaper and later on the reliance which claims to have a speed upto 144 kbps.Eye-rolling

I don' doubt this. This may be the upper limit. That girl thought that see would get atleast some decent speed on the net to study online and connect to her family and friends. So Fare enough, she decided to go for the reliance connection and this is start of her misery.Pumpkin

The speeds on the reliance netconnect are PATHETHIC. This might be a very good word to use for, The speeds are so low in a day that you Yahoo Messanger or Gtalk would log off you or you can send even a simple text mail(if you can open that you mail by any luck)At wits end

The speeds i saw during a demo was just 5kpbs in a reliance web world. I dont understand that if the spped are so poor than why they are selling it.

BEWARE of this. reliance netconnect is the worst service which is heavily priced. Here are how you end up paying even higher:

1. No Speed at all: Very Pathetic speeds are provided. Don't make fun of yourself in front of your friends by showing your netconnect card. Surprise

2. Deaf and Dumb customer care: Just dial 3033-3333 with your STD code and experience it yourself. At morning 7:30 AM, if you try you can hear “All our customer service executives are busy handling other customer”,
Okay but after 10-15 minutes of patience a chap will come and after listening your story will say you that there servers are going in up gradation, so call us in one hour something”. How if the servers are not working still all executives are busy in the morning itself!! Also manytimes they will order you to visit web world (Sick...Nothing is web here, you have to physically walk inLighting)

3. NO technical support: If you are having difficulty then there in no one who will listen you for your woes. If you ask them that you want to configure a connection on Mac or Linux, they will charge extra for that.
They ask to install silly software like Netbooster which is completely useless. I used it and found no change in speed. In fact the quality of images in webpages went down coz it tries to show images with lower quality to speed up the page loading. Knowledgeable reliance engineers will ask you to update the windows patches. Rolling on the floor

4. Inflated Bills: This is a culture in reliance. A trainer came to our office and during lunch he saw a reliance mobile in some one’s hand (Good that not many people use reliance mobiles – atleast none of my friend), so he said that for three months he had netconnect card. One month the bill was 3000, next month was 3500, and third month was 3200 when third month he didn’t used that card!!. I know that reliance are cheaters and nothing else. Also they will make you pay the bill by extortionreliance will ask you to pay the bill else they will have a case against you.
Poor customer has to pay the bills even after no service is provided because no one cares to go to the court for five thousand rupees. Better if you don’t fall in the trap like my trainer.Sad

You can search on the internet or better ask your friend if they are using it before buying it. Reliance netconnect in my locality is awful.

Also a word of suggestion that if you are having complaint in reliance please have complaint number for your records or if you have some experiences with reliance share it for the benefit of all.


Improve your services reliance and then come up with products.

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Friday, 6 July 2007

Just created a Technorati Profile

I was just browsing the Internet and tried to Google my blog, just for fun.

I came across a site Technorati and really founded it quite cool and created a profile on that. Here it goes Technorati Profile

You can also click here to add this blog to your Technorati favorites if you like this and have Technorati account. 

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